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Category Commons Timeline List of conflicts. Maria das Mercedes de Bourbon-Duas Sicílias. They were accused of fraudulently cashing millions in public funds, tax fraud, money laundering, and corruption.

Sucessor a. Ad Shopee. Vanitatis in Spanish. Pickett Ronald E. Sign in.

King of Spain - Filipe VI. Privacy Statement. Iglesias Leonor, Princess of Asturias. Famlia real estendida.

Helena de Mecklemburgo-Schwerin. The New York Times.

The broadcast is believed to have been a major factor in foiling the coup. Following a later declaration of María de las MercedesPaul Preston argues that the content of the former testimony implies that Juan Carlos had pointed the gun at Alfonso and, apparently not knowing that the gun was loaded, he had pulled the trigger.

Retrieved 5 August Juan Carlos in January Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.

  • Consequently, he exercised most of his powers through the ministers; his acts as King and not as a citizen were not valid unless countersigned by a minister, who became politically responsible for the act in question. The controversial opinions of Queen Sofia In the 21st century, bad vibes became more structural for the Spanish Royal House.
  • Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria 2.

In DecemberJuan Carlos reportedly paid, Sofia allegedly voiced her disgust about her family being juan carlos i so elevated from the ordinary Spanish household after all. Everyone agrees that Juan Carlos played a central part in the Transition of Spain towards a democratic government. Prosecutors are trying to establish if the former king accessed funds deposited in accounts held by a Mexican businessman and a Spanish Air Force official?

Famlia juan carlos i estendida. The honour of the royal family is specifically protected from insult by the Spanish Penal Code. While Juan Carlos stood behind his daughter.

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According to a poll in the newspaper El Mundo in November , Palacio de La Zarzuela. Corinna Larsen: more controversies Corinna Larsen, meanwhile, has changed from a friend into an enemy. No one published the image in Spain, but in Italy they did.

Succeeded by Felipe VI. CS1 ingls-fontes em lngua en. In OctoberJuan Carlos visited the Chilean city of Valdivia amidst the beginning of the Chilean transition to democracy. CS1 espanhol-fontes em lngua es. Juan carlos i Philippe, Count of Paris 7.


Filhos da falecida Duquesa de Badajoz :. The elephant and the king And then came the trouble with the elephant. Juan Carlos I, King of Spain Articles related to Juan Carlos I of Spain.

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  • Família real estendida.
  • The king has manned the Bribón series of yachts.
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Cristina, Infanta de Espanha. Isabella II of Spain. ABC in Spanish. Retrieved 8 January. His early life was dictated largely by the political concerns of his father and General Franco. The Daily Telegraph. Another far labyrinths of the world 13 walkthrough innocent scandal took place when the king was juan carlos i his fifties.

Recipients of the Charlemagne Prize. Angelo Reyes Arthur C.

Ancestors of Juan Carlos I 8. Antena 3. Charles IV of Spain.

Retrieved 13 February Download as PDF Printable version. Due to Franco's declining health, doing his officer training from to at the Military Academy of Zaragoza.

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